Chattanooga Lookouts stake their claim (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post, I looked at an account of a March 1866 intrasquad scrimmage of the Lookout Club of Chattanooga. If the Lookouts were in fact organized in 1865–as implied by that article–they would be the first Tennessee club organized that year, and the only one organized before 1866.* But newspapers are unreliable, and the only way to verify the 1865 date is through more newspapers.

Unfortunately, my source for the New York  Clipper–the University of Illinois’ Digital Newspaper Collections–seemed to come up short, so I tried another database of old newspapers, Old Fulton New York Postcards. After searching some odd combinations of club and players’ names, I discovered a report of an apparent scrimmage from 1865. But that page image from the Clipper was blurry and undated, so I went back to the Illinois newspaper site to find the original by page number. The issue with that page was missing! So I went to the Internet Archive and finally found what I was looking for. Thank goodness for three separate online versions of the Clipper.

Below is an image from the November 18, 1865 Clipper, which unfortunately does not indicate the date of the scrimmage. But a similar notice (now that I know where to look) from the Nov. 18 edition of Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times is itself dated Nov. 7, which is the latest the game could have been played.


Later this week I will hopefully look at some Chattanooga newspapers at around the date of the game and of the club’s formation. As of now, I don’t know much about the team, except that Ramage and Siegfried were both veterans of the US Army who had settled in Tennessee immediately after the war.



*As usual, I’m not counting the Hickory Club until I can find evidence of actual baseball.

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