The Second Match Game in Nashville, 1866

After being roundly defeated by the Cumberlands on May 12, 1866, the Rock City club hosted the return match on May 19 at their Edgefield grounds near the suspension bridge (the vicinity of modern Woodland Ave. and 1st St.). Despite the comfort of their home field, the Rock Citys were once again soundly beaten by their rivals, this time 64-26.

According to the correspondent of the Nashville Press and Times (May 21, 1866), “[t]he playing was quite creditable to both parties; the large score obtained being the result of the roughness of the ground, rather than loose play on either side.” Though it must be noted that the score was not that much different than the previous match between the two clubs (66-15).

The “Silver Greys” mentioned in the text, who favored the “other things” kept under the tent, are described in this May 25 article from the Nashville Daily Union. And if you ever happen to come across an “elegant case” containing blue and white painted baseballs, think of the Cumberland Club and their gift from the Silver Greys.


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