The First Baseball Match Ever Played in Tennessee

The first match game of baseball played in Tennessee took place May 12, 1866. This match, between the Cumberland and Rock City Clubs of Nashville, had been originally scheduled for  April 21 (or maybe April 28), 1866, but for some reason was postponed for several weeks. People had of course played baseball in Tennessee before then, but not in such an organized fashion. On this day the Cumberland defeated the Rock City 66-15.

From the May 14 edition of the Nashville Press and Times:


“Match Base Ball Game.–Below is the result of the game played on Satur[sic] afternoon, between the Cumberland and the Rock City Clubs:

[box score]

This was the first of a home and home, and was played on the grounds of the Cumberland, in the presence of quite a large concourse of spectators, considering it was the first game of the kind played in Nashville. The return game will be played next Saturday, at the same place, when, the probabilities are the Rock City will give their opponents a much closer game.”

The Rock City’s scorekeeper for this match, Capt. Edward Metcalf, was city editor for the Press and Times, and if he didn’t write the recap at least had a hand in its publication.



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