Another Report of the Founding of the Rock City Club

I recently posted about the formation of the Rock City Club in April of 1866. For the record, here is a second account, this time from the April 15 edition of the Nashville Weekly Press and Times.

“Base Ball.–We are glad to observe with the return of peace and summer, that our young men are reviving athletic sports. A base ball club has been organized, under the title of the Rock City Club, with the following members: J.C. Hart, M.H. Miller, C. Miller, W. Augustine, C.H. Albes, Capt. Metcalf, F.H. Albes, W.H. Wright, and Messrs. Lay, Darr and Cassady. They invite any players to make a match any day that may be chosen. The ground chosen is across the river just above the suspension bridge.”

The club membership listed in this notice differs slightly from that from the Daily Press and Times the day before. Aside from the spelling variations (Augutine/Augustine and T.H. Albes/F.H. Albes), this posting includes  “Cassady” and excludes “A.L. Emuson.”


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