Too Lazy for Baseball?

As mentioned in the previous post, the founding of the Hickory Club did not inspire a paroxysm of baseball fever throughout Nashville. To the contrary, the lack of physical activity among the younger set was troubling to the progressive voices in the local press. The July 24, 1858 Nashville Union and American reprinted an editorial from Porter’s Spirit of the Times applauding manly exertion in the Northern cities, and it also had this to say:

“Porter is right. We would be glade[sic] to chronicle a growing taste for out-door amusements and sport in this city. But our young men are too lazy, and our old men are too dignified to engage in sport that requires any physical exertion. True it is hot about this time; but several hours of every day towards night, might be devoted to out-door exercise and amusement; and the early part of the day might be very pleasantly and profitably spent in hunting doves over the wheat fields–these birds are young and fat, and broiled brown are a dish fit to set before a king.”


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