The Silver Grays of Nashville Were Old and Fat

From the Nashville Daily Union, May 25, 1866.

“The Silver Grays vs. the Cumberlanders.–It has been mentioned that there was a prospect of a match game of base ball between these clubs. The Silver Grays are a new organization of substantial citizens–a conglomeration, if fact, of “grave and reverend seigneurs,” or gay and festive youths, over the youngest of whose head not less than forty-two summers have shed wisdom and lent alacrity to the legs. The Silver Grays is composed of men of weight. The fist nine, averdupois, tilt 1866 lbs.; and it is actually the fact that most of them can pick up a dime between their feet. We do not know how soon the match game will come off, but we do know that when it does come off, there will be trenchant as well as trencher playing. The Silver Grays are daily practicing their wind, and worshipping at the shrine of swift-footed Mercury.”


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