Goodbye to the Cumberlands

The Cumberland Club, founded by Englishman and Union veteran John Dickins in the spring of 1866, was one of the first, best, and most renowned of the Nashville clubs. But it was not very long-lived. Not much more than a year after its establishment, with Dickins having left Nashville for Louisville, the club had been officially disbanded.

From the May 28, 1867 Nashville Union and Dispatch

“Base Ball–Prospective Organization of a No. 1 Club–The Cumberland Base Ball Club, which held the champion bat of the State, has been dissolved, and there are now no more than a dozen of its members in the city. The bat is to be returned to Mr John Luck, to be again contested for by the various clubs throughout the Sate. A movement is now on foot for the organization of a new club, to be composed of picked men from the clubs of the city, and some spirited contests for the possession of the bat may be looked for.

The first match game of the season was played on Saturday by the Rock City and Stonewall clubs. The game was called at the eighth inning, and resulted in a victory for the Stonewall of 43-28. Time, 2:50. The Rock City had only seven men engaged.”

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